Party at home? Make margarita popsicles!
Remodelling your kitchen? Here is an idea!


Lately, I’ve been having a crush on one-black-wall kitchens. I just find them so inspiring and stylish, especially if you have green plants to contrast with.

Warning: the black on the one wall will tighten up the place a bit, so you want light colored furniture and plates. 

Tip: if you think about remodelling your kitchen like this, perhaps you’d also like the “blackboard” kind of wallpaper, the one where you can draw things on :)  

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TODAY’S BREAKFAST IDEA: a bowl of granola and fresh fruit with milk will make your morning a happy one!

You can go for strawberries & banana slices – or go crazy with more exotic fruit, like pineapple, mango, kiwi or raspberry. You can even add some hazelnuts and cashews in, with a sprinkle of dry raisins and other fruit.

It’s delicious, I promise!